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The practice is now equipped with an extensive laboratory meaning we can run extensive investigative blood profiles including blood electrolytes, proteins, liver and kidney factors, cholesterol, glucose, and red and white blood cell analysis. We have a high powered x-ray machine enabling us to take highly diagnostic detailed x-rays of pets from tiny rabbits to Great Danes. We are able to examine samples of cells from suspicious lumps and bumps (called fine needle aspirates) with the ability to prepare, stain and examine slides in the Shipley laboratory.

We have a good quality ultrasound scanner to allow non-invasive examinations of internal organs. A full range of endoscopes are used for examining the oesophagus, stomach, small and large intestines (biopsies are often taken this way instead of having to surgically open up a pet to get samples) and for examining airways. The endoscopes are also used occasionally to retrieve items that have been swallowed and may be too dangerous to leave making their own way through the body (again instead of surgically opening up an abdomen of a dog or cat for instance).

Our hospital area is divided into separate dog and cat rooms and kennels are set along one wall only in each room to minimise stress.